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The online environment can be as educational, stimulating and as useful as watching TV or reading a book

I think that books and online games can be very different, but also there are similarities such as they can both be read/played together with other people. When you play online it keeps you more intimate in the game and in what you’re doing, because it keeps your attention fixed since you are playing with more than one person. But books as well as games can be solitary activities.

People often have judgemental views on computer games, but if you read a book the plots are not as exciting as stories in online games that you and your friends will be playing. However, the narrator in a book such as Scout in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ can be more complex than a game creator because they see things in a subjective perspective.  In a book, though,  you are stuck to the plot line, whereas in a game you can change everything freely, from the character to the environment:  beyond that, there can also be multiple levels and endings. With video games you’re more involved with the character than if you’re reading a book and you identify with the characters so much emotionally that you feel a much wider range of excitement or disappointment when they succeed or fail. 

The online and the off line gaming experience can be very different; the offline can be played with both friends / family. Some parents think that online gaming will keep kids quiet and they will see it as a safe hobby instead of playing outside. But the bad side of online gaming is that it can be very addictive, reeling you in like a stray fish, which can make you play for hours on end. The amount of betting advertisements that are put up on game sites is just astonishing and it can make kids think it’s part of the game and they can end up using their parents’ money thinking it will not take any thing but it will.

With books it is much more different; you can all purchase a book and read together as a group. On the other hand, people say that games do nothing but keep your eyes in a fixed position, leading kids to become obese and not learn, but they are wrong; there are new types of gaming where the player can interact physically with the game and this is called virtual gaming. They also say how a violent game can change one’s mind, confusing emotions, but I beg to differ. I don’t agree that there is only violence in games and there is nothing violent in books. I think that there are many books that are disturbing such as “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty, where a 12-13 year old child could legally buy the book but if it  was a game it would be 17-18 rated.

On the other hand, there is a much better side to technology such as looking up useful things and research:  robots and 3D printers have all been developed through people collaborating in the online community. The web is a brilliant tool where most people can go on to: although they are quiet places to work in, libraries are no longer as efficient to go to to do research – most people will just download an app on their device such as Kindle. The dark side of the internet , however, is all the explicit content that is put up for people over 18+ .


Games can make you have mixed emotions when you play and they can improve on things such as your hand eye co-ordination and your reaction skills when doing things in general.  I think that books can help make people intelligent but so can games, some of the new game that come out can improve your hand-eye co-ordination which can help with every day tasks.

In my honest opinion I think that books and games are close but at same time far away depending on how you look upon it; there are books that you can interact with such as pop-up books and hyperlink stories. Reading books is starting to become less popular, because people have to go to the library to educate themselves which could be very far for some people and many libraries are being shut down.  

Nearly all of the books which you would get from the library can now be downloaded to a device. Books themselves are becoming a part of the online environment, and here everyone can have access to them. In conclusion, the internet is a new form of technology and because it is new people are both afraid of it and it gets abused. In the future, however, I believe that it will evolve to point where people understand its usefulness as well as its secrets.



controlled assessment; How love and hate are portrayed in Julius and Browning

Love and hate are shown in different ways in Julius Caesar, and Browning dramatic monologues. Love leads to hate in all of them because the boundaries get broken such as in The Laboratory when both love and hate come together to create jealousy towards her lovers lover. In Julius Caesar the play is focused on love which is shown through friendship and through love of you country. In Porphyria’s love is abnormal and has an enticing hook for her lover. In the Spanish cloister there is a contrast between the love that brother Lawrence has for his flowers than for his God, and the hatred the speaker feels for him.

To me what I think is that love is shown such as in Porphyria‘s lover when Porphyria entices the man in the story when’ She put my arm about her waist, And made her smooth white shoulder bare, And her yellow hair displaced, And, Stooping, made my cheek lie there, And spread, o’er all, her yellow hair, murmuring how she loved me.’ This could also mean that she is trying to seduce him into her trance by making her shoulder bare and put his arm around her.

The speaker in Porphyria’s lover is trying to preserve the moment that he has” That moment she was mine, mine, fair, Perfectly pure and good.” and it is almost as if  she is trying to preserver her name “Porphyria” such as the marble Porphyry.  Porphyria is like the disease that can make you go mad and the disease cured by taking a antidote and the antidote is her getting strangled, and as it says “no pain felt she” as she got strangled, implying that he killed her out of love to save her through going pain. He granted her “her darling one wish” which was to be strangled.

 If you love someone enough you wouldn’t want to hurt them, but in this case Porphyria’s love is so intense that the speaker finds her passion overpowers him.  For the speaker, her love is like a multi-layered sweet that you have to unwrap to reveal its sweet treats: it is complex – addictive like a drug that can be good and damaging from one moment to the next, with her forcing him to love her. 

But in the story of ‘The laboratory ‘ when it says ‘He is with her, and they know that I know where they are.’ That shows me that she is paranoid and how it shows love and hate because this other woman might make her man un-loyal towards her so she is is the laboratory making a poison to kill her and get her man back from the other woman who she thinks is trying to seduce her man to take him away from her and keep him for herself. Shakespeare

 But in the story of Julius Caesar love is shown in ACT 3 SCENE 2 Brutus says’ As Caesar loved me, I weep for him for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was fortunate; as he was valiant I honor him, but he was ambitious so I slew him, there is tears for his joy.’ this shows how Brutus loves Caesar a lot so much he had to stop him from himself and from destruction. But hate is show when Portia eat hot coal which kills her self. In the story of The woman’s last word is about love and how we should appreciate things much more such as Be a God and hold me like a charm! Be as man and fold me with thine arm!’  this shows that the woman want to intermediate and wants the man to show affection towards her.In my opinion and Robert Browning have the same idea about love and hate in all of their poems and are trying to grab the reader’s attention and trying to get the to understand the meaning of the  poem and how the cliffhangers work well with the different person either is 1st, 2rd or 3rd person it will work as long as you can word it correctly. The story’s that both writers write intend on keeping the reader’s focus on the story and keep them reading the story.

 I think that what Robert Browning is trying to say is that love is stronger than hate and shown you should always look towards the better side of things and not to the darker, i think  that the way both poets plan their is very interesting and smart they do it in a way where you have to read on find out more on the whole story such as in Julius Caesar near the end a soldier is told by his honorable master to kill him and calm himself as Brutus a and early on in the story is say that ‘Julius Caesar’ is not just a name but a title which has a lot of sentimental value to the holder of whom possess the title of it.

Personally I think that Julius Caesar  is more of a eye catching book to read and it will grab the reader’s attention when they read the book make them want  to read more and more until the finish and maybe even want to read another book by William Shakespeare, but on the other hand Robert Browning is a good poem that will do the same thing as Julius Caesar will do to the reader.    

All the Browning poems are writing about love and they are all dramatic love (soliloquies) showing love from one point of view only and exploring the subjectivity of love and the extreme length it can take us to. In Julius Caesar love is also dramatised, and Shakespeare shows how when people are pushed into a corner love can become black and white, turning it into a life and death situation, where Caesar has to choose between his love of Caesar, and his love for his country.  The language can confuse people in this context because the subjective point of view means that that the reader or watcher realizes that love and hate are too complex and to easily categorise by the public who read the story’s that 


IGCSE Coursework (text response)

I do not agree with Mr john Humphrey comments on the text I-H8-TXT-MSG

Mr John Humphrey believes that the way kids speak is getting worse because of technology, another thing is spell-check which means that the vocabulary won’t be good when it comes to the person a What I am getting from the text is that the writer John Humphrey dislikes the use of abbreviation in modern time such as when he says “the spell-check(sorry: spellcheck)”.

But later on in the text he says how The Oxford English Dictionaries is ditches the hyphen, but then later on in the text he uses an abbreviation the OED which means that he does not always hate the use of abbreviations just that he just hates the way that kids of today abuse the use of it.

What I think that John Humphrey is trying to get at is that people misuse technology and how they don’t want to do anything for them selves cause technology will be able to do it for them all cause technology is advancing and minute by minute peoples vocabulary is decapitating due to technology that is used in the 21st century. I think that people do not abuse the use of technology they just use it to the limit to see how they can make it much better for people for their everyday use. what I think that Mr John Humphrey it try to get, is that the more people abuse there technology is the more that there mentality will be not as good as if they were doing things such if a person does not know how to spell a work they will depend on technology t do things for them so that they will not have to do it for there selves in the futre. 




Homeostasis is a key concept in understanding how our body works. It means keeping things constant and comes from two Greek words: ‘homeo,’ meaning ‘similar,’ and ‘stasis,’ meaning ‘stable.’ A more formal definition of homeostasis is a characteristic of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, relatively constant condition of properties.
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Belfast confetti

Narrative; Narrative’s are use in things such as story’s,tales,report and rehearsals 

Task one; 1.Nuts, bolts, nails, car-keys. A fount of broken type. And the explosion.

I chose this one because i tell us what is going around the person.

2.My name? Where am I coming from? Where am I going?

what this tell’s me is that the person is might have a concussion and does not know anything.

3.Itself – an asterisk on the map. This hyphenated line, a burst of rapid fire…

i think that what the poet means is that  the map is a key to a place.

4.I was trying to complete a sentence in my head but it kept stuttering,

this tell me that there was clearly something that was going on why he lost has train of thought and why he was stuttering

5.Why can’t I escape? Every move is punctuated. Crimea Street. Dead end again

this tells me that the person is trapped and can not get out from where he was.

Task two; I think that the way he uses alliteration is that he will make the poem rhyme and then he will stop using alliteration to make the poem stand out more to the reader



Creative writing

It was a crisp, cold, sunny winter’s morning when my brother, mother and I woke up and had breakfast. We then decided that my brother and I would go swimming. As we walked in, we saw this huge lit up blue structure: it was all glass overhead, there were slides everywhere, and you could hear everyone’s voices echoing under the massive dome. Then we decided that we would go on one of the slides. It towered over us like a giant dinosaur. On the inside it was illuminated by an array of colours . It was so fun we went back about a million times.

later on  we went into the main swimming pool where my brother and I were getting tossed side by side by the raging waves. My older brother decided to go and find our mum but we did not find her so we went to go swim some more. After a while my mum came to find us and she was upset until she remembered she told us to go swimming.

It was now night time. Outside the stars were shining really brightly. We got our stuff packed to leave swimming. We  went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant – then we went all around Center Parcs to see if we could do anything fun while we where there. Unfortunately we did not find anything so we went back to our house and ate the rest our Chinese and had pizza and watched films with our mother for the rest of the night. Then my mum went to bed but my older brother and I stayed up and watched TV and talked about things that we liked doing and about our hobbies and things that happened when we where younger.

It was now Day 2 of our holiday. This was the day we went paint balling: my brother and I walked into the paint balling field and we saw this huge playing ground where it looked like the valiant had died doing the good. It was now 10 minutes after the introduction of what to do with the paintball gun and we had started. Left right there was little paint balls flying around

My brother and I  had decided on our hiding space where we thought we would not get caught: 5…4…3…2…1… the bell rang for us to go to war- all of a sudden all hell broke loose and the game had now started. My brother and I hid and found our own hiding spots where we thought that we would not get hit. The first round had ended, but without me knowing I had about 10 paint balls left. I had just gone into round two.

We both had to fill up but we had to wait until the end to get paint balls, so we decided to go and try to get the enemy flag. We got the flag and ran back to our side, but as I was 3 feet away my brother got hit so I went to try and get the flag and then I got hit. It was now the 3rd round: my brother and I swapped sides so me – we decided to get each other as well as the opposite players that were playing. Twenty minutes later we had got  all of our stuff and had packed our bags to get ready to leave Center Parcs.

It was nighttime. We got back to our house. It was a villa made out of wood in the middle of Sherwood Forest. It looked like a luxury hut: there was Wifi; on the left was a toilet, left again and there was my mum’s room, then there was my brother and I’s room. The living area smelt of winter spices – cinnamon, oranges, apples and fresh cut wood. There was a fireplace and a drawing board.

It was so much different from my house: my house has 3 floors, it’s very tidy and it smells of vanilla. When it’s early morning in Centre Parcs you can hear the birds waking up, it’s a faint background noise. It’s so different to my house in London where I wake up to the sounds of cars roaring by, whirring helicopters and planes that fly really low down. In Sherwood Forest, it was so much more peaceful, and you could lie in, knowing you didn’t have to go into school that day. It was winter and it was cold, but when the sun came out you could feel the blissful warmth against your skin, not like London where it always seems to be raining and the weather is always dull and doesn’t make people happy.


Act 3, scene 2

In Act 3, scene 2 Antony is at Caesars burial and call’s all the people to come and then he plays with the people over to show them the will and then reads out the will to the people that he was taunting them  and then at the end  he reads them the will letting them know what Caesar has left them in the possessions, what Caesar has left them was 75 drachma’s each.


TASK ONE:They want to put the solider into the sun to wake him up because a solider asleep is a useless as that is what the tital FURTILITY means .

TASK TWO:They use personification to try and bring the thing that are not alive seem that they are alive EG:when it says to break the earth’s sleep at all, this says to me that the world was asleep like a human would be, I think that they use personification to bring the story to life.


Scene summary

Act 3,Scene1

What I think was important in Act3,Scene1 is that Julius Caesar get savagely stabbed by Casca first and then at the end of the the killing Julius says “et tu Brutus” then Brutus stabbs Ceasar for a final time there for earning title Ceaser for it is not a name but a title.


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